Capacity Building , Business Development, International Trade Facilitation , Management Analysis

We provide tailor-made solutions as a result of a blend of advanced skills, professional consultancy and solid expertise. Our focus is on four key strategic areas:

Capacity Building , Business Development, International Trade Facilitation , Management Analysis


We offer training and that are tailored to provide solutions to help increase the productivity, performance and profitability of the manufacturing, transport, agriculture and its value chain, trade finance, hospitality, oil & gas, insurance, banking, property and services related businesses and organizations. We believe in customizing and developing specific solutions through a collaborative process designed to identify a client’s needs, requirements and objectives. The unique approach combined with the strong faculty of experts, competent trainers, puts our services in the position to spur the progress of our clients. Functional areas of training included but not limited to:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Credit and Fund Management
  • International Trade Finance
  • High Productivity and Team Building


Through our solid Team of experts, we create long-term value for our clients, through their customers, markets, and relationships. We create opportunities for that value to persist over the long-term, to keep the floodgates open so that value can flow. Services included but not limited to:

  • Develop and implement Business Strategy for a sustainable competitive advantage and growth..
  • Facilitate New Business entry into the Ghanaian market, through efficiently/effectively facilitating the regularization of regulatory protocols etc.
  • Develop and execute product activation marketing as well as product or service market penetration strategies for clients to boost business volume and profitability.
  • Business advisory services (BAS), for SMEs to improve efficiency in fund utilization, as well as restructure/ reposition them to be attractive for credit or other financial stimulus packages.


We offer advice and support, leveraging on our network with the West Africa Sub-Region on procedures and controls governing the movement of goods & services across national borders and associated cost burdens to maximize client business efficiency, while safeguarding legitimate regulatory objectives. Our
services include but not limited to:

  • Facilitate, introduce and offer strategic support to businesses that wish to penetrate explore the sub-regional market.
  • Facilitate and offer financial advice on the efficient and competitive financial instruments available and best suited to support cross border trade on specific goods and services.
  • Provide guidance and help with certification regarding regulatory process/procedures within the export & import space at ports of entry/exit.
  • Continuously identify and offer advice to businesses on trending opportunities for cross border trade.


Our Management Analysis Team examines a company’s culture and provides insights to the alignment of management groups with the company’s goals and objectives. This information is used to analyze the human capital aspects associated with an organization’s long-term strategic objectives. We also provide an analysis of organizational development priorities and define organizational training needs. Our Team of experts help Company’s address the following challenges, but not limited to:

  • Do the behavioral skills of supervisors contribute to a positive synergistic impact on performance for my company?
  • Are my internal management practices in alignment with achievement of organizational goals or is there a negative correlation?
  • Do my managers and employees share my vision, mission, and values for organizational success?
  • Am I settling for too little productivity from my management team thus creating a negative profit impact?